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"The Loyalty Report" is a split single released by velveteen from Frankfurt (GER) and stun from Bremen (GER). velveteen play a cover version of stun's "We Are Cute" from the album "And At Least You Dance“. stun play a cover version of „The Drummer Goes Berserk“ from velveteen's album "Home Waters“.

Some places posses something deeply illusive, offering little reason for optimism and stifling any expectation from a start. A music club in a rural part of Lower Saxony on a gloomy day in November is hardly a place to get any band excited. Or a half-empty and newly built recording studio on an industrial estate in Hamburg with surroundings offering little hospitality except a 24-hour petrol station. On goggle maps it looks like a tiny island embraced by a constantly changing mass of scrap cars and lorries. It takes some determination to turn such places into spaces in which creation can flourish. But not only popular culture has shown that the most peculiar places often enable special projects.

stun and velveteen met on this gloomy day in November. It was in a music club in Lower Saxony and they were in love with each other before the sound check was over. Gigs in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and Frankfurt followed which goes to show the relevance of random encounters. But when the romance of the first dates is over, it takes something outstanding besides musical intersections to manifest a lasting relationship.

At their own CD release party, stun not only share the stage with velveteen, to everyone's surprise they also paraphrase velveteen's "The Drummer Goes Berserk“ at the end of their set, an almost minimalist song mainly based on a simple drum machine, laconic vocals and a propelling keyboard hook. stun turn this piece of music into an impressive and stun-typical rock song with blazing electric guitars which is distantly reminiscent of the original. Obviously, this grand gesture needs answering and both the invitation and the reply, an evidence of mutual respect, need to be recorded on a special format. Fortunately, Dennis Rux, joint proprietor of Sister Jack Records who is in the process of moving his recording studio to Hamburg, shares this opinion. Consequently, in May the two bands are spending four days and four long nights working on uninhibited cover versions of each other's songs in brand new recording rooms, between makeshift furniture and paint.

Two cover songs ranging from noisy guitar eruptions to silently click-clacking modesty, which are exemplary for both individual band sounds, are the outcome of this intense time at the new studio. The two indie pieces embrace a musical spectrum of statements showing a love for musical niches. And a niche those two bands have most definitely created for themselves on the indie scene. Beautifully genuine music prospers in it.

"The Loyalty Report“ is out on 10" vinyl on October 8 (Sister Jack Records / Cargo)and available as a download from September 17

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